7 Easy Ways to Show Your Business Some Love

With Valentine’s Day looming in the near future (or already there, if you’ve been down the aisles at a Target or CVS lately), there’s a whole lotta love in the air. But for small business owners, this kind of love isn’t limited to an exclusive celebration on February 14th. Running your own business is the kind of committed relationship that lasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, every year from the moment you open your doors to the public.

And admittedly, yes, it can be hard to show your business how much you care whenever you’re stressed out trying to hire new team members, racing around to get a deadline met on a project, or exhausted from late nights working on putting together a budget for the year. But for as tired or frustrated as you may get sometimes, it’s still incredibly important to keep the flame burning for your brand – and the best way to do that is to show the love every day!

1) Incorporate or form an LLC.

There’s a sense of security that comes with love and there’s nothing a small business owner can do to ensure that security in their business quite like legitimizing it through incorporating or forming an LLC.

2) Treat everyone equally.

From your customers, both familiar and new alike, to your team members and partners, treating everyone with respect will spread the positive word of mouth about your brand far and wide.

3) Say thank you!

A daily must – these two little words make a big impact in acknowledging the hard work of everyone on your team. Say ‘em loud and often!

4) Keep a “can do” mindset on at all times.

Avoid saying “I can’t” and focus on “I can” as much as possible. The sky’s the limit when you start up your own business so reach up and keep on reaching!

5) Ask for and provide help when it’s needed.

No business owner goes into owning their own company knowing every single thing from the starting gate. If you’re hesitant or unsure about how to handle a situation, talk to a professional and get their advice. And, in turn, be sure to ask your customers how you can help them as well and listen to all of their needs before offering up a solution.

6) Spruce up the place!

A little interior redesign may be the Cupid’s arrow it takes to make your day-to-day surroundings irresistible to arrive to in the mornings. Paint the walls a vibrant new hue; organize your Outlook inbox and document folders, or get a potted plant to come join you at your desk!

7) Lead by example.

It’s easy to tell the difference between a business run by a leader who is genuinely passionate for its growth and the brand overall versus one run by someone who is indifferent or doing it just for the money. Be the leader who is the former of the two, always, and lead by a positive example in all that you do – trust me, this kind of attitude rubs off on everyone you meet and work with.