7 Tips to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized

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[Editor's Note: I struggle with organization and I'm a grown adult who knows what should work for me. Teaching kids organization is hard at times because they simply don't know yet. This post at Mommy Warriors gives parents some advice on how to teach kids how to be organized. -Jenna]

7 Mommy Musts for Teaching Your Kids Organization:

Messy Kid's BedroomOrganizing is not an innate skill, and many kids, particularly boys, struggle with it. My son falls into the extreme category. But it is important to know that the lack of organization is not a lack of interest or intent. My son was very proud of his assignment and was very motivated to do well last night when he packed up. But I noticed while I helped my son get his study notes organized that his brain jumps around to things. His thoughts move around his head in a chaotic manner that mimics the chaos around him. Part of it is developmental. His thought process will eventually become more structured. But part of it just requires habitual learning. I was reminded today that my job teaching him these things this is far from over. So I decided to put together my list of the ”7 Mommy Musts” for teaching kids organization:

1. Lists, lists and more lists. Teach you kids the value of lists. Use dry erase boards, note books, post-its, any and all things that can be used to make a list. These lists should include homework due, materials needed, questions to ask the teachers, what to bring home.

Read on for six more tips.

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