For a majority of women around the globe, pregnancy seems to be the most critical part of life marred with a lot of health-related complications especially during the entire expectancy period and at birth. In most cases these complications may affect the mother’s health, the baby’s health or both of them. However, above all, no matter the degree of the complications, there are myriad ways of managing the resultant problems. It is imperative to have a good understanding of the common complications an expectant mother is likely to face during such circumstances. Below are some of the major complications encountered during pregnancy and the suggested remedies accruing from alkaline ionized water benefits.


Morning sickness

During the development of the foetus, a lot of alkaline minerals are lost from a woman’s body due to hormonal changes. This may lead to borrowing from the bone that ultimately causes the morning sickness. Consuming the alkaline ionized water in the right quantities helps the body to restore the lost minerals.


Dry Itchy skin

 In some cases, pregnant women experience this complication due to overstretched skin as the fetus grows and dehydration continues in the body. Drinking enough alkaline ionized water is important in restoring body hydration



Most pregnant women tend to have a reduced number of red blood cells that can transport oxygen leaving them to be anemic. Though it’s not a permanent condition, they are advised to take diet rich in iron and drink enough ionized alkaline water to help boost level of ions in their blood.



Insomnia is a condition associated with sleepless nights that women experience during pregnancy. It is mainly caused by the fear of the expected birth, iron deficiencies, increased hormonal changes and discomfort. It is therefore crucial for the pregnant women to do a lot of physical exercise during the day so as to get adequate sleep over the night and drink a lot of ionized alkaline water early in the evening to reduce anxiety, tension and avoid treks to the bathroom during the night.



This happens when the food in the stomach goes back to the lower part of esophagus leaving a woman with a lot of acid released causing a burning sensation, anti acid like ionized alkaline water can be used to neutralize the acid released.


Lower back Pain

Due to increased pressure of uterus and additional weight, the pregnant women usually experience increased back pains resulting from dehydration hence leaving the discs of vertebrae not lubricated resulting into increased back pains. As is evident in the above explanation, drinking ionized alkaline water still remains to be relevant in restoring hydration of the body and subsequent relief pain relief.



Pregnant women often suffer a lot of body dehydration leading to general body fatigue leaving them tired and helpless. This is due to increased hormonal production in the body that helps the fetus grow. To counter this reaction, it is advisable that they consider taking enough amount of alkaline water to facilitate the process body hydration to stabilize their conditions.


In a nutshell, there are a lot of complications associated with pregnancy, most of which are avoidable and curable. However, quite a reasonable number of the expectant mothers understand neither the causes nor simple mitigation procedures of such complications. In the contemporary society, it is important to have a broad understanding of these common complications related to pregnancy and how to surmount their adverse effects.


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