7 Reasons Why Moms Should Take A Staycation

Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading alot about the "staycation," have you? The term has come up so frequently in my life recently that I decided to delve into it a little further to try to figure out if it meant what I assumed it meant {finding fun things to do in your own town or city} and, who am I kidding, thinking whatever it meant, it might be a good idea for a blog post! staycation momsTurns out, staycation is actually a word in the dictionary, and it means just what you would think. It’s a period of time when an individual or a family either stays home and relaxes or does something leisurely for themselves somewhere within driving distance from their home. Now, of course we’d all love to get away this summer on a traditional vacation, right? But if you have kids, especially small children like I do, going away with them may not be very feasible this year or, for that matter, a very enticing option. Or maybe you would love to get away kiddos and all, but your family budget is tight and your idea of a vacation lately has been sitting down between back to back twelve-hour shifts. Enter the staycation. You can give yourself, and your family, a fun and restorative day with many of the benefits of taking a full-fledged vacation, without actually taking one, or in some instances, without even leaving your home.staycation momYou’ve earned It! I know I don’t have to tell you all that being a mom is the hardest job there is! We are the unspoken heroes of the family, we've got this coming to us! They're affordable. Expenses for typical staycation activities like going to the movies, playing a round of gulf, or going out for a nice meal, are nowhere near the cost of taking a family vacation, complete with flights and lodging costs. You can discover new places and things to do in your areaThere are so many things to do in the Atlanta area that I haven’t done simply because I just haven’t taken the time to plan to do them! Now just might be the time. What have you always wanted to do or see in your town your city? Less stress. Travel with kids can be extremely stressful and exhausting to the point when you wonder if you’ll need to recover after your “vacation.” With a typical staycation, there are no long drives in cramped cars or endless waits in Terminal C. No luggage! The day before we take a vacation or travel to see family, I spend literally all day packing for myself and my daughters. There is so much to remember to bring for everyone. So you’re not able to go on a vacation. At least, when you take your staycation, you’ll soar out of your door with nothing but you’re purse and keys with you, as opposed to trying to finagle two hundred pounds of luggage through the doorway, into the car, and all throughout the airport.staycation momsThey can be fun for everyone! When you go on vacation, it’s hard to keep everyone in a family happy all the time because everyone has their own ideas and interests. What if, for your staycation, you take the time to plan something everyone will love to do, and nip the bickering and breakdowns off at the bud? It’s better than doing nothing!.  Giving yourself a staycation may not be the complete escape you or your family want,need, or deserve, but staycations can be a great way to enjoy yourself and your loved ones.  Take a day or an afternoon off, and reap some of the benefits of a vacation without experiencing the headaches of travel. What have you got to lose? I really feel that taking a little time for ourselves and our families is essential for our happiness as moms and as women, even though we might feel very guilty doing so.  What are your plans for this summer? Will you be taking a staycation?staycation moms

Carolyn Jennings

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