7 Signs Someone is Into You




Okay, so I have done all 7 signs to show this guy that I am interested in him and he has done all 7 signs that he is interested in me, so what's the hold up? Just like Phil Collins sings, “You can't hurry love.” Patience is certainly something that I have been working on in the love department, and it's one of the hardest things to do: Wait. And what exactly am I waiting for, you ask? I'm just waiting to see what unfolds, let the relationship develop at it's own pace, and see opportunites when I can now tell him that I am interested, without having to do the above.




The difference between "like" "love" and "in love" is the same as the difference between "for now" "for awhile" and "forever". A relationship is like sand in your hand. Hold it loosely with respect, and stays, but when you close your hand tightly and become possessive, it slips through your fingers. Remember, being that everyone's life is being played on social media, find someone who's going to change your life for the better, not just your relationship status on Facebook.







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