7 smart ways to increase productivity

workspace here are easy ways i increase my productivity daily...

  1. turn off notifications on computer (email, twitter, etc) designate times of day to periodically check email and do social networking. otherwise i find i am scrambling around trying to answer every beck and call.
  2. turn off notifications on phone (email, twitter, etc) all day, everyday, the only sounds my phone makes is for texts and calls. i do have a sound notification for emails from VIP people. the only people in this VIP class are my husband and my CURRENT clients. any projects i am currently actually working actively on have VIP status.
  3. don't answer every call - that's what voicemail is for. i answer my phone for current clients, however, i might not answer if my cousin calls to to ask advice on her latest breakup. i am at work. if i was at work out of the home at a business, i would not be ethically allowed to chit chat on the phone; same rules apply  -i. am. at. work.
  4. maximize the screen or window on my computer i am working in, no distractions from other apps, focus on one thing at a time.
  5. take breaks. i have to walk away from my desk about every hour or so. this rejuvenates me to get back to work, it rests my eyes, and stretches my legs. sitting still for a long time is bad for you. just take 5 minutes and it will work miracles :) i also take a good lunch break away from my desk - this is very important and energizing.
  6. make a list of todos. i have to know which way i'm going, my list of what to do every day is my map.
  7. plan. plan ahead for the month and for the week and plan the day ahead of you. it really helps to know events that are coming up so i can plan work and home accordingly. i can't plan to work at the same time as a cheer banquet i am going to attend.

i use my planner dozens of times a day to write my todos and plan ahead :) it's the only thing i'm addicted to!

next week i will share my work from home schedule with you. xoxo, krystina


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