7 Steps to Getting the Magazine Look at Home

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Ever wonder why you can't get your room to have that polished "magazine" look?

I think at some point, we've all grabbed a home décor magazine and sighed, "Wow! I would love to have a space like this!" So, you go out and start buying anything that looks like what you think you saw on the magazine... but no matter how hard you try, it never looks quite as you imagined it would be.

This was the inspiration image for one of my projects.
I got the idea from an Italian design magazine, and I was
going for a "modern italian" look.

Well, you’re not alone! A big chunk of the problem with trying to accomplish a certain look is not planning properly before going out to buy home accents or furniture for the room in question. Most of us just go to the local home décor store and start buying whatever we like in the moment - but without a game plan. I know, it can be tons of fun and it even gives us that creative rush of adrenaline, but this is exactly what gets us in trouble!

I actually get asked a lot about this topic, so I put together 7 easy steps on how to obtain that finished "magazine look" without being derailed from the original inspiration:

  1.  Cut-out or make a copy of the inspiration room you so desire.
  2. Next, get yourself a notebook to help you get organized.
  3. Paste the inspiration image in your notebook, and use that page as your concept page.
  4.  Once you have your concept page, identify the elements and items that you will be needing to change or add. Some example of this can be: choosing new colors for the walls, getting new lamps, replacing an existing rug, etc. 
  5. Keep this list in your notebook and don't forget to take it with you when you go shopping!
  6.  Look for those items you already listed, and remember to always use the concept image as a reference a guide to your design - do not get side tracked with the items you like randomly! 
  7. Keep referring to your list and stay focused on your inspiration concept. 
Project results: the curtains on the right cover a wide window facing the city,
while the bathroom on the left reflects the cold ocean hues, paired with the grey settee.
The furniture was custom-made.

If you follow these easy steps I guarantee you'll have your room looking like that magazine picture in no time. As you can see, keeping to your notebook and the concept image is key to not getting side-tracked. Always remember to match the items, furniture layout, colors, and textures of the concept image to seal the blueprint of your inspiration room.

Still have questions, or perhaps you need extra help with designing your space? Drop me a line!
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