7 Steps for the Perfect Stay-Cation

staycationLooks like Scott, The Boy and I will be on vacation.  Now, for the last year The Boy and I have been on vacation almost all of the time.  No real structured vacation except for when we went to the Adirondacks last October (awesome vacation!).  We still have our daily routines but since I am now classified a "SAHM" and I can't drive these days, we are fairly isolated.

I was over at Centsational Girl via Bloglovin' where she was discussing different places and settings people enjoyed for their staycations and it occurred to me that while I don't, staycation IS different for the SAHM and Kid than ordinary times.

Next week Scott is on vacation so I think maybe The Boy and I might join him.  Sure I'll still have to do dishes and the laundry and make breakfast, lunch and dinner - well, wait, that's not a staycation in my mind at ALL!!!!

Back this all up.  I now have a new vision of how the hard working SAHM can staycation for real!  And oh yeah, it CAN be done ladies, it CAN be done!

Steps to the Perfect Staycation

1.  Pick a week you would like to staycation.  This could revolve around the staycationFamily Channel running a Harry Potter marathon or just a time when you need to clean up all the Mafia Wives and Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta eps off your VCR.  I mean you gotta make it SPECIAL!

2.  Go see your shrink.  In my case that would be Shrinkette.  Plan at least 3 sessions before your staycation so you can resolve and self-actualise the guilt you will invariably be made to feel for "taking time off?  You're ALWAYS off!"  Resolving this should mean no bodily harm to your family but they have to cooperate too and not say this when you have a knitting needle in your hand that you could oh-so-easily make part of the occipital part of their brain.  Your shrink should be able to help keep you out of prison but well timing on your part to get the therapy done before your staycation can help keep everyone safe.

3. Make it clear your staycation is for YOU and doesn't involve driving your kid and everyone in the neighborhood to the local amusement park, okay?  Set your boundaries!!

4.  Scope out what you plan to do.  It's not unlike making an itinerary and you know what, rethinking this, do THAT - make yourself a loose itinerary.  Something like:

  • read
  • write
  • knit
  • watch Mafia Wives Season 1
  • watch Spongebob Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
  • naps...many, many naps (said in my BEST Blanche DuBois voice)
  • salad for dinner
  • make the crockpot your friend

All of these things and even these random suggestions are quintessential in allowing you to do whatever it is that will rejuvenate and reinvigorate you during your staycation.

5.  Tell your kid that if one string of "mom mom mom mom mom mom mommy mama mama mommy ima ima ima mother mom mom mom ma ma ma mom" and you'll lock him or her into the basement until his or her father comes home.  Let the kid know you will just retreat to your boudoir should they scream and drownpride and prejudice out their yells by watching "Pride and Prejudice" for 7 hours.  Make sure they really believe you'll do it because face it...you will.

6.  Stock your secret food stash with all the goodies you'll need for the week.  Make sure there's enough spaghetti and macaroni and cheese that everyone else can fend for themselves.  Wait, what?  You don't HAVE a secret food stash?  GIRL, where is the rock under which you have been living so I can come save you and take you to Aldis with me?  Always, always, always keep your food separate from theirs.  You know if you throw a jar of peanut butter into the kitchen it's gonna be attacked like a pride of lions was living in there.  Fruit is the same way.  In my house other top notch items include GOOD fruit bars (not the 100 popsickles for $2.99 I usually get at WalMart for them.)  Believe it or not, as long as there is peanut butter, there'd better be bread.  I keep 7 loaves on hand at all times and yes, there are only 4 of us in the house.  As far as my personal stash - and I swear, if you divulge this to anyone, I WILL cut you - I keep crackers (okay, I am addicted to saltines, don't judge me), my own peanut butter, pudding, primo strawberry fruit bars hidden behind the 7 loaves of bread, GOOD cereal *I* like, chocolate and right now, cinnamon raisin bread.  I also have a large stash of Chobani but they won't eat that so I can keep that out in the open.  My cheese collection though is under lock and key.  Think about this...it could make or break your staycation.  Oh and get some blackberry merlot and have a glass or two.  It will make that "Pride and Prejudice" marathon oh-so-much more enjoyable.

I think that's about it.  No...one more thing.

7. Deck out your spaces and make a staycation bag.  By this I mean if you're going to spend the majority of your time on the porch enjoying the sunshine and cool breezes...spiff it up.  Put out that white table you got out of the trash from the neighbor across the street  you found and restored and load it up with your favorite teapot and cups, some greenery (those plants you've been trying not to kill all spring), and maybe a light blanket or two.  I have a sheet I love that I think I might make a duvet out of but even without a blanket, it's my go to for a warm day cuddle up while knitting or reading.  If you plan to be in the living room, make sure everything you need is within easy reach - your laptop, your water bottle that's filled with a decadent blueberry iced tea you have been chilling in the fridge and easy access to your knitting, kindle and the remote control.  About that staycation bag, I use a big diaper bag that I usually carry around with everything in it that anyone could ever possibly ask me for like deoderant, a pencil, hand cream, water, breath mints, an extra pair of glasses and a sledgehammer.  Those chicks on Let's Make a Deal have NOTHING on me!  For staycation I'd have my favorite Eos lip balm (I like the red one but face it, they are all so cool and cute any will do!), a few magazines I have been meaning to read, my little knitting bag, my sleep mask (you never know when you have to have an impromptu nap!),  some of my secret candy stash, my cell phone charger because I mean, come on!, hand cream, essential oils that you like to smell, maybe an earring change because face it, we're girls, your yoga mat and blocks and maybe your yoga pants to look cute while you leisurely contort to the yogadownload.com app on your iphone (I recommend!) and just about anything else you think you might want or need.  Your staycation bag is like your personal valet.  Use it wisely!

And that pretty much wraps it up. Make the time for you, plan your staycation like you'd plan your trip to Disney World (or like I would...so just pretend you're the overly planned and trip obsessed me) and then make it so!  The success or failure of your staycation relies on you!

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