7 Things To Do Before You're Laid Off

 Job security, just like the Betamax, can be considered ancient history.  Unfortunately, lay-offs are all too common and the unemployment rate just keeps getting higher and higher.  Short of hitting the lottery, how can you be prepared in these unpredictable times? Even if you think you’re safe, and let’s face it, unless you’re the sole proprietor, no one’s safe, do these seven tips. While it won’t help you keep your job, it will help you be better prepared mentally and financially if that pink slip finds its way into your in-box.

1.)   Network in and out of the office. Now.  Don’t you hate getting those phone calls from folks you haven’t heard from in who knows how long only to discover they need something?  Start reaching out to people now while you’re working, who knows?  Maybe you can help them.  If the time comes and you need a lead on a job, when you do make that call, it won’t be so out of the blue.  Another great resource for networking is within your company.  Stay on good terms with everyone and get to know your peers, as well as superiors.  In this changing market, you never know where anyone will end up and who you might need down the line.  Also, now would be the time to join any organizations or associations that are related to your position that your company will pay for, it’s another great outlet for networking.

2.)   Take advantage of educational classes your company pays for.  Can’t beat free or subsidized education especially if it can help you get an advanced degree. Don’t sleep on workshops and seminars as well. Make sure you read the fine print about repayment, especially in the event of being laid off. Read more...


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