So You're Thinking of Joining an Online Mom Group? 7 Things to Consider First

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6. Just because you are an adult doesn't mean everyone else is. Sure, you joined a mom's group. Sure, most of the women on the group are, statistically speaking, over the age of 18 (or damn close to it). This does not mean you are to assume everyone is an adult on that site. While you can debate a point of difference with another mother and speak eloquently and only state facts, you do have to accept the possibility that the person on the other end's only defense is to call you a bitch and then call your mama a bitch.

7. The more kids you have, the more of an "expert" on parenting you are. This seems to be a tried and true point in mom groups. There will be one mother on there who has 27 kids, and even though she doesn't have custody of 13 of them, 4 of them have various broken bones at that moment, 2 of them are missing outside somewhere, 7 haven't had baths in 5 days, and none of them are wearing clean clothes, she knows more about parenting than anyone, including pediatricians, child psychologists and you -- and she lets everyone know with every question asked. Nevermind that your two kids have never been in trouble, are in the tops of their classes, are rarely sick, are functioning members of the community and are very well behaved -- that doesn't mean squat in these mom groups. She has you trumped because she physically gave birth to 27 kids, even though, technically, that last one just kind of fell out of her.

If you can keep these 7 things in mind, I'm sure your mom group experience will be a positive one. Just sit back, let some of the other moms answer questions, get called names, and pick each other apart like vultures on a deer carcass, and laugh your ass off. But, if you find your blood boiling on a daily basis, and it's getting harder and harder for you to hold your tongue from lashing out at stupidity, believe me when I say it's time to leave the group. The Honeymoon Phase is over, and your personal soap opera has run its course. If you stay, you end up becoming one of those drama mamas, and we definitely don't need any more of those in the world.


~ Tatted Mom
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