7 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween

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I have always wondered if it would be appropriate to name a black cat “Lucky”? If that black cat (or dog!) was adopted in the month of October it would! October is not only National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month—it’s a perfect time to adopt the black cat or dog of your dreams.

But keeping black—or any other color—pets safe during the Halloween season can be a ‘tricky’. Here are seven pet safety tips to keep your furry friends safe and secure this All Hallows Eve:

  1. 1. Check ID’s. Make sure your pets have on up-to-date identification at all times. With that front door continuously opening and closing for trick-or-treaters, there is a chance they could run out – especially if they’re spooked.
  2. 2. Treats can be more dangerous than tricks. Halloween candy, wrappers and decorations should be kept out of your pets’ reach as they can be hazardous if swallowed. Chocolate can be toxic to animals, and many sugar-free candy, gum and baked products today contain xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to dogs.
  3. 3. Keep pets inside before, during and after Halloween.Unfortunately, tricks can be played on unsuspecting pets on Halloween. Keep your outdoor pets inside a few days before and after Halloween so that they will not be the target of pranksters who might tease, injure, steal and even seriously harm pets (especially black cats) on this night.
  4. 4. Minimize the fright on Halloween night. Give your pets a quiet, safe place on Halloween. Scary parties, constant doorbell ringing or too many strangers in your home can be stressful to your four-legged friends and even make them physically ill.
  5. 5. Ditch the candles in your Jack-O-Lantern. Pets can knock carved pumpkins over, and curious kittens especially run the risk of being burned. If jack-o-lanterns are a family tradition, consider using battery-powered LED lights to make them glow.
  6. 6. Keep wires and electric light cords out of reach  READ MORE


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