7 Unexpected Ways Living With Dogs Is Like Living With Babies

Based on my personal experience, having had three of each (dogs and babies). For the record, I came up with a whole page of hand-written ways; these are just a few of the less obvious ones.

1. A formed BM (after a sustained period of "unformed" BMs, aka horrible, explosive s#^t that necessitates a bath/shower/laundry/or infected item(s) thrown--using tongs and rubber gloves--in the outside garbage) is cause for loud celebration.

Soft, warm pretzel, anyone?

2. Leaving the house with either (baby or dog) requires one to tote an ample supply of plastic poo receptacles, both of which--when loaded--are like toxic hot potatoes, and must be thrown far, far away, to avoid olfactory assault, dry heaves and perceived ridicule from random passers-by.

Same sh*#, different butt.

3. They both eat crayons. Which makes for colorful #2.

4. Sometimes, they need a pacifier to satisfy their oral fixations.

5. Even though the toilet is only 5 feet (or less) away, they throw up on the floor/bed/a person.

6. They make accessorizing outfits a breeze.

7. For entirely different reasons, you'll want to bite their feet.

And, lastly (because I can't resist, and I certainly wouldn't want you to think having dogs and/or babies is a bad thing), one obviously AWESOME way living with dogs is like living with babies...

Their mega-watt smiles might make you melt into a quivering pile of goo!

By the way, the resemblance* is uncanny, don't you think?

So for anyone else out there who's had experience with both dogs and babies, got anything to add to the list?


You know what? While I'm at it, living with cats is like living with babies, too. Yeah, they can't keep their clothes/shoes/vital accessories on for 5 minutes!

See what I mean?


Darn cat. ☺

* Really? You think 6-month-old me looks like Jon Farleigh?? (hehe) Perhaps I'll make that collage of the two of us my new profile photo. People be like, "Dang! A baby writes this blog?!"


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