7 Ways To Catch Your Cup Before It Overfloweth

Running my business is going very well right now. My eCourse is generating income, I have couple new social media strategy clients & I can feel my next Life Illumination client inching toward me by the minute.

But this morning when I sat down at my desk with my many clients to juggle, I couldn’t help but ask myself- how do I know when I have spread myself to thin?

I would hate to look up one day and be in that space. I would much rather make effort to be self-aware so that I can tell when I am approaching my boundaries.

To give you all some things to look out for- I asked my friends on Twitter & Facebook how they new when their plates were over flowing; this is what they said:

  • It shows up for me as body pain. My back is a huge messenger! Also I begin to be very bitchy to the people that are closest to me. Checking in with myself on a regular basis helps. I also try not to jump into opportunities as my enthusiasm often precedes my realism! I had a coach that challenged me to wait 24 hours before saying yes to anything. That helps, when I remember to do it. - Lisa Carmen
  • Say no to at least three requests a day. Don’t explain yourself just say no and walk away. - Mark Lansaw
  • I tend to figure it out too late. One thing that helps: Be okay with saying no. Further, asking for what you need is key..(and ok) - @revandref
  • When you dread doing things that you used to enjoy because you just don't have the time. Just had to quit my volunteer work :( - @OilEssentials
  • When I can't focus on anything or feel like I'm going insane. I usually try to go for a walk or take a nap 2 regroup. - @KellyBeav
  • When it's 5pm & you’re still on #2 of 20 things to do that day ~ create a realistic to-do list & schedule extra time for unexpected events! -@favoriteflower
  • When I can not creature a structure that supports what is important to me and stuff falls out. -@TernionResults

Are some of these things calling your name, saying 'been there, done that!'? Can you see yourself in those that have shared their wisdom? What are some of the things you do to make sure you stay within your limits of what you can handle?



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