7 Ways A Cruise May Serve Your Soul-Searching Journey

For millennia, mankind has taken to the sea; we have strong spiritual ties to the ocean. Water is an inspiration for peace, pondering, and exploration -- so what better place to pursue your search for Zen than on a sea cruise?


Unlike smaller boats, cruise ships are large enough to protect you from getting seasick; plus, you have the privacy you need for reflection. If you've never gone on a cruise before, you just might be missing out on the trip of a lifetime.


Cruises can also be much more affordable than other vacations. An all-inclusive cruise offers entertainment, endless meals, and luxury accommodations for a steal. Docking at ports around the world gives you a glimpse into other cultures, and you never have to worry about where you'll bed down at night.


But if it's the spiritual journey that really matters to you, here are seven ways a cruise can help you on your way.


1. You'll have to slow down


Cruises may have plenty of entertainment options, but you're still in one place going at a relatively slow pace. You can't hop in a car or train and head out of town, and there's really no point in watching the clock.


Slowing down is a lesson everyone can use in this fast-paced age. A cruise will help you appreciate it.


2. A time for (literal) reflection


It's probably been a long time since you appreciated the passing vistas while driving or on a long-haul flight. But with a cruise, you'll just naturally be drawn to the beauty of your surroundings.


Spend some time looking at the sea, watching a sunset, and reflecting on where you are, where you've been, and where you're going. If this sounds like a challenge to you, you simply need to choose the right cruise.


3. A cruise for all


Cruises have different themes, and some of them are more spiritually-oriented than others.

If the staff offers yoga or meditation classes, that can help you kickstart a more spiritual vacation. Think of cruises like clubs, and you'll find with a little investigation there's truly something for everyone. Picking the right one is the key.


4. Downsizing for simplicity


Even the most luxurious cruises simply don't have the space for oversized suites. You'll be downsizing no matter what, but that's a good thing. Living in a smaller space, practicing efficiency, and appreciating life without excess (at least in terms of your living quarters), is a good reminder of the difference between need and desire.


But don't worry -- there's plenty of excess available elsewhere on the boat.


5. Remember the past


Air travel is still relatively new, but people quickly got accustomed to getting places at lightning speed.


Is this really necessary, though? Think back to simpler times, and the romanticism of boat travel can't be denied. Recalling the past, and perhaps indulging in a seafaring novel or two, can help you appreciate how far humankind has come.


6. Stop feeling trapped


Some people shy away from cruises because they don't have as much control compared to other types of travel. After all, there's really no getting off the cruise ship once it starts. However, giving up some form of control is one route to inner peace. Trust that things will go as planned.


7. The journey actually is (partly) the destination


With a cruise, it's both the journey and the destination that matters. Choose a spot that's known for spirituality and old world charm, such as the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean. It's just easier to tap into your spiritual side when you're in places like these rather than Paris or London where the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming. Ready to set sail?