7-Year study says fish oil PREVENTS brain shrinkage and cognitive decline

Great news on the Alzheimer's front!

Neuroscientists from Rhode Island Hospital did a study of the benefits of fish oil consumption on 3 groups of adults ages 55-90. The groups were:

Group A: 229 adults with no sign of Alzheimer's

Group B: 397 adults who were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment

Group C: 193 with Alzheimer's

They used a combination of neuropsychological tests and MRIs every six months from 2003 to 2010.

The results:

1. Of the people in groups A and B who took fish oil, there was "significantly less congitive decline and brain shrinkage" compared to those who didn't take fish oil.

(I don't know how much fish oil was taken or what percentage of EPA and DHA was in the supplements.)

2. People in group C who took fish oil didn't really see any benefit to the brain. The theory is that those with the APOE E4 gene can't metabolize DHA.

The best news of all may be that taking fish oil before or during middle age could protect against developing Alzheimer's - even for those with the APOE E4 gene. I think I'll start today!

Here's what I read:



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