8 Health Myths Debunked (Including What You Can Catch from Toilet Seats)

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There are numerous health myths out there that many people not only believe, but repeat to friends, family, strangers, and their children. One of my favorites is "don't leave your home with wet hair because you will catch a cold." Really? Last I checked, a cold is a virus and you have to touch or be exposed to the virus to "catch it." Being in the cold is not enough. Don't believe me?

Wet hair

Image: Oslo in the summertime via Flickr

Well, Dr. Rob Danoff on MSN Health agrees:

Going outside with wet hair may cause your mom to worry, but it won't cause you to catch a cold or the flu. The most common way to catch them is by inhaling airborne viral particles released by the cough or sneeze of an infected person. However, an illness may also occur after touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed fingers that have come into contact with a virus that has contaminated a high-touch surface such as a doorknob or keyboard.

Here are several other health myths that have been debunked. Maybe you've been guilty of believing some of them!

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