8 High-Protein Substitutes For Carbs (Even Flour)

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I am hungry -- and BORED of chicken, tuna, etc. Sometimes you just want comforting food, y’know? Something warm and chewy to really bite into and make you feel satiated. Well, never fear my fab friends, because there ARE changes you can make to increase the protein to carb ratio of your meals without losing taste. Like….

Yogurt: use where the recipe calls for sour cream or cheese.

Eggs/Egg whites: use as the moisture aka “glue” for dishes you want to be batter based but don’t want to add flour to.

Almond Milk: use instead of regular milk ( unsweetened for less calories)

Almond flour: Eureka! a way to bake without making carb bombs! Almond flour is just skinless almonds ground up. Use it where flour is called for and your meal will not only be delish but high in fiber AND protein.

Oat flour: You can make this..READ ON