8 Months of Breastfeeding

I haven't talked about in-depth or in any real way is how breastfeeding affects me as a person, the way we manage regular life tasks (eating out, shopping, etc.), the way I parent, or my evolution as a breastfeeding mother. This is the post that will cover all these things. Hopefully, whether you're considering breastfeeding, haven't breastfed, want to breastfeed, are in the midst of breastfeeding, or simply wonder what breastfeeding is really like, this post will help.

The truth is, I've had ups and downs. For a period of time I thought my downs weren't going to end.

I've even had fleeting moments of joy. Not the righteous or proud kind of joy, but pure joy and happiness.

Initially breastfeeding was awesome and amazing and wonderful. Baby's first latch outside of our birthing center filled me with such joy that I cried.

1st hospital feed

After that first week though, breastfeeding was harder than labor.

I had to be more still than not. I was tied to sitting in one position, or constantly having to ensure I wasn't bonking Baby's head against anything, or being hot and sweaty and exhausted and hungry all at once.

Then, things started getting easier and more manageable.

Eventually, I learned enough to give this tidbit of advice:

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