8 Personal Goal for a Healthy & Beautiful New Year

I know that you know that it’s a bit too late for any blogger to be posting anything about New Year’s resolutions seeing how we are a day past President’s day. However I ask that you please bear with me since I got a later start on my resolutions than most people. I have been recovering from major surgery for the past six weeks or so and haven’t had the ability to move forward with some of my goals. At any rate I am ready to begin everything today. My husband I have talked over the plans for our future and determined that something need to change.

We want more children and for me to stay at home to care for them. For us to do so, there are personal goal each of us have to achieve to allow that to be a reality. My husband needed a new job with higher pay closer to home. By God’s grace that has come to be! His goals are basically met or at least in progress. I on the other hand have a ways to go to hold up my end. I need to get my body in shape so that I can carry a healthy baby. For that to happen I will need to lose weight; at least 25-30 pounds before we get pregnant.

There is also the matter of me going to school and doing well all while working and caring for my family. Erik and I want me to be a stay at home momma after I give birth and so we are preparing for that now. I am going to school to become a Life Coach. It’s something I have a gifting in and something that I can do from home and even online! My being in school is taking some getting used to in our household. I need to get and stay organized so that our lives don’t fall apart! My goals are all simple and intertwined. One thing is depended on the next.

I’ve listed my goals and why there are needed below. If you are a person of true faith, would you consider praying through this list for me and my family?


1. Pray more- I am a dependent creature. I need the Lord. All of my efforts will become tasks and chores and I will fail if I do not seek the will and grace of God for all of my hopes and ambitions no matter how good in and of themselves they may be.

2. Lose 100 pounds- Ultimately my desire is to lose 125 pounds but that will really all depend on whether or not I like how I look and feel with 100 pound weight loss. I believe that this is an attainable goal with consistency, hard work, and a plan.

3. Eliminate debt- Simply because debt stinks. I made some serious financially mistakes as a young adult that is affecting my family now. My husband and I are doing debt snowballing to eliminate immediate and past debts so that I can stay at home.

4. Get pregnant- This is a goal because I am hoping that I can get pregnant. I have had two surgeries involving my uterus and I hope that they have not compromised my ability to conceive.

5. Buy a house- We live in a two bedroom apartment. We would like to have ample space to raise a big family.

6. Organize and plan better- If I do not plan meals, laundry, school work, quality time with the family, and work effectively my life will fall apart!!

7.  Do well in school- I want to do well in school because I care about what I’m going to school for. Not only will it be a blessing to our family as additional income, I get to use my education to benefit God’s Kingdom by serving in some capacity at church.

8. Take care of my body as if I truly believe it is the only one I will ever have- I don’t want to just lose weight. I want to care for my body by putting good things in and on it.


Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the progress  of the changes that I am making. Until next time, stay healthy and be prayerful.


Healthy Belle


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