8 Simple Holiday Stress Busters

Completely avoiding all stress triggers during the holidays is an unrealistic goal that might end up making you feel more tense. Instead try one of these eight simple ways to feel better fast when stress levels build.

aquatic therapy

1. Take a short stress break and laugh – watch, read or listen to something funny

2. Forget about being the super hero – stop juggling and try focusing on one activity at a time or find a way to collaborate with others such as a joining a babysitting co-op to free up some time

3. Slow down and "meditate on the go"– Build your mind-body connection by practicing slowly breathing in and out or even talking more slowly than normal

4. Simplify your to-do list – for starters examine your list and check one thing off and do it now

5. Skip the afternoon caffeine and instead take a brisk walk outside to boost your energy

6. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

7. Avoid slumping at your desk – set a timer on your laptop and every 30 minutes do a posture check.

8. Build in a daily or weekly "mini escape" from the holiday rush – immerse yourself in something relaxing like a soak in the tub with bath products containing rosemary or eucalyptus or indulge in some aquatic therapy in a pool with sunlight streaming in a few windows

For more information on stress reducers:

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