8 Super-cool Gadgets for a Plush Kitchen

Gadgets make life livable for many of us. They cut down the time we spend on doing our daily chores and even money. When we talk about gadgets, the first thing that strikes our mind are computers and Smartphones. But it need not always be so. This year gadget makers are keeping the kitchen in mind as well.

Manufacturers have come up with smart gadgets aimed at the kitchen. They are simply superb and lovable. They take the tediousness out of cooking. As you may have guessed, many of these gadgets use technologies that we would hardly have imagined using it in the kitchen. There are even kitchen gadgets that you can operate remotely – so much like the way we use internet to control our television while away from home. After all, a plush kitchen is the best you can offer your soul mate that you just dated on the MillionaireMatch.com.

Here are at least 10 unique gadgets you should consider buying this year. You will be pleasantly surprised by their utility and how much they help you to manage your time and energy. The days of kitchen gadgetry has finally arrived and are waiting for you to take center stage.

  • Egg Minder – Would you ever have imagined you will someday have a gadget to remind you to buy eggs? No not many would have, but there is one for that too. With Egg Minder, a small handy gadget, you can track how many is left in your home, how old they are and even tell the good ones from the bad. Replenishing your egg supply could never be any easier with this gadget. You can complement a convenient app with this gadget when you shop for grocery. You will be reminded when you are at the store.

Now, isn’t this luxury?

  • Pre Pad – Preparing your ingredients for cooking is what makes it so desirable. Your Pre Pad is simply an all-in-one assistant – it is a scale and a dietician at call. You can measure accurately, get an assessment of the calories the ingredients have in them and even help you in planning the quantities. It requires an app in your Smartphone. The gadget is simply superb – robust built, hygienic and durable.

Delicious isn’t it?

  • Blendtec Designer 700 – Blenders have been around for ages, but there is more to Blendtec that makes it a unique gadget. The unique interface for example is a great feature. What makes a wonderful companion in your kitchen is the 1700 watt powerful motor, pre-programming capabilities and to top it, a friendly touch screen to give you total control. It is a cool assistant; you will agree when you have it in your kitchen.

Hungry already?

  • Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker – Did you know that you don’t have to be in your kitchen to cook? You can if you have this gadget. Whether you are miles away or just relaxing in your lawn, you can cook like a professional thanks to WeMo, a dream kitchen help you cannot miss. When you sync it with your Smartphone, you are cook away from home. You can even monitor the temperature and cooking time and more.

So why cook in your kitchen anymore? 

  • GE Brillion – Though not exactly a gadget, it is a perfect remote control app for GE Brillion enabled devices. There are simply so many gadgets (including an oven, a blender a switch), in the market that you can link to this app. It is like having total control over your gadgets, and still remain miles away. With the app in your Smartphone, total control is virtually on your fingertips.

Does that not make you a magician?

  • Simplehuman Sensor Can – Of all; the last thing anyone would expect to go high-tech is the trash can that is getting intelligent by the day. Just beckon and it will open and do another beckoning and it will close. The simplehuman is available in different shapes and all come with a sensor to match.

Life is never going to be the same again with the simplehuman coming in handy.

  • Air X Water Generator – Don’t be surprised if this gadgets gives you water from nowhere. It is a smart gadget now bigger than water cooler. With this gadget in your kitchen, your need for the purest water is solved. The gadget relies on the air around, which is condensed and water removed to be cleaned and sterilized to meet your requirements. It is a health gadget you cannot say no to. What is more, it uses in a chemical-free process.

Health definitely comes at a cost.

  • Moen MotionSense Hands-Free Faucet – With this faucet in your kitchen, you can indulge yourself. Treat yourself to be lazy – just a wave is all that this gadget expects of you to vend you water. If you had enough, just give the faucet another and it will go back to sleep. It is not just the convenience, it is water you save that makes it worthwhile to install.

Your kitchen surely deserves something like this. A rich and innovate kitchen definitely helps you show-off your home and do more justice to your presence in the elite club of MillionaireMatch.com.




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