8 Things More Important Than Weinergate

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I am frustrated by our need to sweat the small stuff, and Weinergate just seems so trivial in the scheme of things. I mean, don't we have more serious issues to be focusing on, more serious problems that need fixing?

I think we do...

1. Catholic School Bans Rainbows

What's next? Teddy Bears and Cupcakes? Lucky Charms is no doubt on the target list. When will the Catholic Church learn that hiding from sex and pretending homosexuality it doesn't exist doesn't make it go away? Wouldn't you rather control the message? Isn't it better to talk openly and honestly about such things and share your views than ban all discussion and any sign or symbol of something? All this does is motivate people to seek more information underground, in dark corners where you'll have no chance to counter the information they find.

2. Few Jobs Added in May, Unemployment Rises to 9.1 %

This is just depressing. Where is the economic stimulus we've been expecting in exchange for nearly a decade of tax cuts for those with income over $250K? Supposedly, we NEED those high income earners to be creating jobs with the taxes they are saving or some such nonsense. Supposedly they can be trusted to spend their cash better than the government can. And yet...

3. Factory orders are broadly lower in April

4. Harvard Study Says U.S. Housing Market Remains Mired as Buyers Sit on Sidelines.

5. Gaddafi is still, inexplicably, in charge in Libya.

6. Whether or not we'll actually get the limited benefits of Obama's healthcare bill is still in question.

7. People are being forced out of their homes by raging wildfires in Arizona (and Texas).

8. Gas prices aren't going down anytime soon.

I started out being snarky and trying to stay light about all this but dude, the news is seriously disturbing, disheartening and depressing. What the fuck are we doing? It's easy to hold President Obama responsible for some of the serious problems we're still facing two years into his presidency, but at some point we have to demand that Congress and the media stop acting like this is an episode of Melrose Place and start making shit work.

Instead, we're focused on demanding the resignation of one of the strongest voices in Congress...for sexting? We're so outraged that he had the gall to lie about fucking up and making public something he intended to be private. Ok. So, if everybody who has ever lied about anything could please shut the fuck up, would anybody still be calling for his resignation?

Big picture, America... please.

(Originally posted on cupcakefullamalice.com on June 9th, 2011)


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