8 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Work

Try these best practices for increasing the chance that you will successfully breastfeed your baby.

Top Breastfeeding Tips
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1. Set Visiting Hours

Manage visitors when you are in the hospital and, initially, back home.

Plan and stick to a specific “Visiting Time” and ask everyone to come at this time so people don’t straggle in all day and impede the most important thing you are doing with your baby right now–breastfeeding.

This is very important!!! You need time alone with your baby!

2. Plan Your Support Network

Find female family members or friends who know how to breastfeed and will support you. Keep them close by for this week.

These ladies are great companions not only for their knowledge and wisdom but because they won’t be offended when you tell them you are ready for them to leave for a while so that you can be alone with your baby.

3. Call Your Doctor

Don’t be afraid to be specific and “needy” in phone calls with your doctor about the issues you are having.

4. Find a Lactation Consultant

Choose a Lactation Consultant or trained woman like those in La Leche League (no cost).Call early and often.

Using “lay” people (non-healthcare providers) increases breastfeeding retention by up to 65%!

Don’t hesitate to call your lactation support people again and again and again if you need to.

5. Pick The Right Hospital

Use a hospital that is “baby-friendly.” Shockingly most aren’t certified in this manner, but you can find a designated baby-friendly hospital.

Have your baby stay in the room with you.

6. Postpone The Binky

Avoid letting your baby use a pacifier in this first few weeks.

7. Prepare For Success

Get the name and phone number of a local lactation support group before you leave the hospital and THROW OUT the formula sample.

8. Remember Why You’re Breastfeeding

Remind yourself every day that the pain and chaffing of your nipples is temporary. It is a sacrifice of a few days of discomfort for a lifetime of better immunity for your baby and better bonding between you two. There is no feeling on earth like that of snuggling skin to skin with your child as it draws in the milk your body is making.

When you do breastfeed in these early days of your child’s life, get naked, recline, lie down, find a way that lets you relax and be messy. Let someone else take care of other things and other people.

- Dr. E

Science can help us nurture and enjoy our sexual selves. 


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