8 Ways to Make Your Lips Bigger and Fuller

Celebs always lead the way to good looks with the fuller pout. Be it Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe both have fuller, redder lips which makes them look gorgeous. Have you ever wondered how to make your lips naturally fuller? If so you must have come across many articles and discussions regarding this issue.

Here you’ll get more information regarding how you could get the natural pout with plumped effects. Let us now discover the science behind the plumper lips which enriches your youthfulness and attractiveness.

Need to get fuller bigger lips:

Apparently the pout of women is a sign of her fertility. It reveals the estrogen level in the body and indicates her femaleness. The more you age, the lesser the estrogen levels and you get thinner lips. Some of you might have noticed visible wrinkles and fine lines near the mouth.

It’s time to fight back these aging signs and get more of youthful appearance. You can try these eight ways which help you to get fuller lips.

  1. Cosmetic Procedures For Lip Augmentation:

You can opt for the cosmetic procedure to augment your lips naturally. Go for the non-surgical lip treatment and augmentation like the injections. Ensure to check the filler as to what they contain. Some of the fillers contain hyaluronic acid while there are many that contain other chemicals. First the pout is numbed and then the filler injected into your lips. This procedure could take half an hour and you can go home right away. Some of you might experience swelling and bruises on lips for a few days after undergoing this procedure.

The filler is easily absorbed into the body but this could take about six months in some people. Also considering the cost of augmentation this could be quite expensive for some of you. Additionally you need to redo the procedure to retain long-lasting effects.

There are lip implants where the lips are cut and implants made of silicone are inserted. This procedure should be performed by highly experienced professionals to get smooth finishing. You should ensure to get recommendations so that you know more about this procedure if this could work for you nor not.

  1. Permanent Lip Makeup:

You can use the semi-permanent makeup like the tattoo which slightly augments the pout. Use the natural lip shade and outline with pencil without leaving gap. You can outline it from outer line of lips to give illusion of naturally bigger pout. You should ensure to get the enhancement from professionals or else this could end up with bad lip job.

  1. How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger With Cosmetics?

You can get bigger lips by applying makeup. Make sure to use it properly otherwise you could mess up with the illusion creation of bigger pouty lips.

Use minimal products to create the plumped effects. Apply a lip liner; choose the shade which is closer to your natural lip color. Use the liner to draw the outer edges of your lips; do not leave gap between your lips. Fill up your lips with same colored pencil; this acts as a natural base to lip makeup.

Regarding the shades and colors you should avoid using the stronger and brighter ones. This makes you lips to look thinner; go for the lighter ones which give you naturally enhanced results. You can also use the lipstick to get the shiny and glossy lips. Avoid the use of matte product as they affect the lip texture.

You can rub the lipstick over the inner parts of your lips; ensure to use the lighter ones. Another trick to highlight your pout is applying the top line with pale highlighter pencil. This makes the lips to stand out. You can focus on the cupid bow to get enough highlights which give you healthier and fuller lips. You can notice bigger lips with use of pale colors.

  1. Bigger Lips by Exfoliation:

You can get the extra pout by exfoliating your lips before using the lipstick. Use Vaseline or toothbrush and rub it in circular motion to remove the dead skin cells. You can also use the rose water to make your pout softer and smoother. Brushing your lips circulates the blood and gives it natural redness and pinkish shade. Apply gloss over the pout to prevent it from flaking and chapping.

  1. Hypnosis for Plumper Lips:

Yes, this is harder to believe but listening to music could give you plumped pout. You have to relax and listen to songs; your subconscious would work to increase the production of collagen. This would provide you luscious lips. This is a way to get plumper lips without opting for injections or surgeries.

  1. How To Get Bigger Lips Using a Lip Pump Device?

The lip plumping device creates a suction to give you fuller pout. You can use this solution to get fairly kissable pout. However, the results are temporary and you need touchups after every two hours. You should also ensure to read reviews regarding the manufacturers to know more about these products.

  1. Lip Exercises For Fuller Lips:

The exercises helps to define your lip shape you can try these to get bigger pout. The movement of muscles helps to stimulate expansion of lip tissues. They help to give you fuller lips by toning them. You get to replace the thinner lips which are more susceptible to dryness.

Try few easy exercises like smiling, whistling, etc. They help to exert the pressure such that you get naturally fuller and rosy pout.

  1. How to Get Fuller Lips with Lip Plumpers?

There are two kinds of lip plumpers; one that provide shine and another which work to boost the shape of your pout. You should choose one of them as per requirement. If you look to get glossy lips use the former lip plumpers else opt for the later one.

The glossy ones contain shiny particles to give you radiantly rosy lips. The other lip plumpers contain pepper, cinnamon that irritates the lips and increase the circulation. This tingling effect fades away after few minutes and you get fuller, bigger, rosier lips. These products are cost effective and you can reapply them to retain dramatic results.


Lip Plumpers really does make a difference and suitable for most of you looking for reasonable products that work to provide plumping effects. You can drop your comment and spill beans regarding other methods to enhance the lips.