8 ways to show LOVE to your husband!

love husband 2

1. Give him your undivided attention.

When my  husband comes in the door from his long day at work I try to put everything aside and focus on him. I want to hear about his day, his struggles, his victories and talk with him. This is my way of showing I love him and that he is important to me! Love you husband by trying this! When he is home in the evening, I try to be there too and not plan another event away from him that could be planned during the daytime. Unless he has something that he's working on, I try to put away projects and be with him. Sometimes that means we will go out and spend time together or stay in and have dinner and a movie. And most of all, when he taking the time to talk with about something important to him, I try to focus on him and put away distractions. When he is showing me something {online, a computer project, etc} I try to give him my undivided attention. When I do that he knows that he is important to me and that I respect him. Of course there will be times when complete undivided attention is impossible, but when it is possible to give, do put away the cell phone, computer, book, movie, magazine, whatever it is that has your attention, and focus on your husband!

2. Leave notes for him around the house or in his lunchbox.

A husband always likes to be reminded that he is loved, needed and important. A great way is to leave notes for him EVERYWHERE! I recently had to be away from my husband for a couple nights and before I left I put notes everywhere I could think of for him! He loved it! He knew he was loved, cared for and thought about! I also put notes in his lunches every once in a while. I write them on napkins, Ziplock bags and sticky notes. Yes, it takes a bit of effort but it's well worth him feeling validated!

3. Have dinner prepared upon his arrival.

Because I am a housewife, I'm able to have dinner ready for my husband when he gets home. It shows him I care about his hunger pains. :) If I'm out I try to plan to be home with enough time to get dinner on. By doing this he knows that I think he's number one!


Danielle Wells



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