8 Ways to Wear Shorts Now

From dressy looks to casual cutoffs, shorts are the one apparel item you need this summer to update your wardrobe. Shorts are the perfect youthful, sexy option to replace your jeans, skirts and pants. They work as well with blazers as they do with sheer shirts. See how to pull off the hottest looks for yourself.

1. Sexy Shorts
Sexy shorts don't need to be super short to give off a sultry vibe. A sleek long walk short with the midriff bare (another hot trend for this season) looks modern and chic.
How to Wear Walk Shorts: Walk shorts look best cut super slim, ending right above the knee. Skip cuffs and pleats for the sleekest look. Pair with a midriff-baring top, fitted tee or sheer blouse for an up-to-the-minute look. Heels work great with walk shorts to elongate the legs.

2. Sheer Shirt with Shorts
Pair two of the biggest trends of the season -- shorts and sheer -- together for a great, date-worthy look. Play up the femininity of a sheer shirt by pairing with tailored trouser-style shorts (pleats, cuffs, etc.)
How to Wear Sheer Shirt: No need to let everything show through a sheer shirt: just wear a nude cami or tank underneath. Or you can show off a pretty bra by wearing it in the same color as the shirt, if your sheer shirt has more coverage like Riley Keough's (pictured) does.

3. Print Shorts
Print shorts on their own look great, but when paired with a matching top or blazer, the prints make a huge statement.

How to Wear Print Shorts: If you are concerned about looking heavy in so much print, opt for prints that are closely spaced together with a minimum of background color showing between the prints. Florals and tropicals are two hot prints for this season.

4. Cutoffs
While you can buy distressed, aged-looking cutoff shorts, it's fun to make them at home, too.
How to Wear Cutoffs: For a super casual look, choose cutoffs that have a bit of pocket and stringy hem showing. Play against the casualness of the jean shorts by adding a soft, feminine top or tank.

5. Shorts with Brights
Turn up the wow factor by wearing shorts with a bright top.
How to Wear Brights: Pair brights with other brights (yellow and green, fuchsia and blue, etc.) Or wear brights with a neutral like black or white. A bright top or blazer also works with a pretty print short.

6. Shorts Suit
Nothing looks chicer in the summer than a shorts suit. Either opt for a matched look or mix it up with brights, prints and solids.
How to Wear Shorts Suit: Keep the volume under control by either belting the blazer or choosing a slim-fitting top under a blazer.

7. Colorblocking
Wear two different blocks of color together for a trendy colorblocked look in shorts.
How to Colorblock: Contrast colors of the shirt and shorts, keeping them of the same intensity (pastels, brights, neutrals.) You can also easily do multiple blocks of color -- one for the shirt, shorts and then shoes or accessories -- for a trendy look.

8. Fun Tshirt
Pair a cutesy tee with your shorts like Taylor Swift did.
How to Wear Playful Tee: This is a very young look, so it's better left to the youngsters. Look for cartoon characters or other cutesy tees and pair with a dressier short (Taylor Swift chose sailor shorts) for a playful look. Or wear with cutoff shorts for a great weekend look. They even work under blazers.

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