9 Easy Ways to Save Money to Travel

reclining buddha

Travel is my passion, and in the last six years, I’ve taken big family trips to Thailand, Morocco, Ireland, Greece, the American West, Florida, New Orleans, and Chicago. I’ve also gone to the Netherlands with my husband and Costa Rica on my own (travel posts).

One of the questions I get asked quite often is how I afford to travel. My husband and I are both teachers, and while we are fortunate to be living comfortably, it’s fair to say that teaching isn’t making us rich.

The disposable income we do have, though, goes to travel. To me, it’s a matter of deciding where to spend the extra money (after putting aside some college funds and retirement savings).

I don’t at all mean the following list to be judgmental. We all make choices, at least those of us fortunate enough to be able to do so. When I look around, though, I hear people saying they can’t afford to travel, and I see a lot of different choices being made from the ones I make, so in the interest of sharing ideas, here goes…

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