9 Empowering Values That I (Try) To Live By

During my childhood, my family both taught and conveyed to me the importance of self-worth. These values came in handy because growing up as an African-American girl in the 1980’s, the outside world seemed to hold me in little or no esteem.  

Below are the 9 values which my family instilled in me:

  1. You are responsible for the care and feeding of your own self-worth.  
  2. Bring the best version of yourself to the table. However, realize that ultimately you cannot control other people and their perceptions of you.
  3. Hating on someone else will eventually poison your own harvest.
  4. There is a difference between not liking someone's character and hating on them because you are jealous of their talents and success. 
  5. Stay out of the mean girl coven. The mean girl coven will lead you down the wrong road. It is a dangerous cult and in the long run the “protection” that they offer is both fleeting and false.
  6. Channel your angst into something positive.
  7. Life is not always fair. It is not life’s job to be fair. However, don’t let this reality prevent you from being optimistic.
  8. Empower other women to pursue their talents and gifts.
  9. Hold space for other women to make choices and lead lives which may vastly differ from yours. 

These values are not always easy to live by. Some days, I just want to hand over my self-worth to someone else to sustain…just for a little while. I have not always brought my best self to the proverbial table of life. In addition,  I have sometimes allowed the unfairness of life to cloud my optimism.

Yet, these values have given me a standard to live by and I credit them for providing a bounty of emotional, mental, and spiritual sustenance.







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