9 Must-haves for Bringing Baby Home

After the joy of welcoming a new baby into this world, you have a few days to enjoy your precious babe before they send you home. And most hospitals send you with a bag of "goodies," or things you'll need in the coming days or weeks. Although this bag is great, there are still a few things you're going to want to stock up on for your and baby's homecoming:

1. Pads - yes, big grandma pads. You'll get some from the hospital but you'll need more, and the loving thing to do is to NOT send your sleep-deprived husband to pick some up for you after being home a day or two.

2. Advil - for cramping and pain after childbirth.

3. Dermaplast - Dermoplast spray really helps with the pain and discomfort "down there". My hospital gave me a can but I needed a second with all my kids.

4. Vaseline - for little boys who are circumcised, you'll need to keep the diaper from irritating your little man. Buy it in a tube so it's easiest to apply.

5. Thank you cards - for gifts, meals, and help with older siblings, have a bunch on hand as well as stamps and an up-to-date address book. Check out these cute ones - especially the alligator and the baby carriage ones!

6. Lanolin - Lansinoh Lanolin for nursing moms- tender nipples will appreciate some relief!

7. Caffeine-free drinks - have lots of drinks available (including bottled water to store near your nursing chair). You'll be thirsty a lot when nursing and most likely won't want to risk keeping baby up all night on caffeine.

8. Snacks and treats - don't stress about that baby weight just yet. Splurge on some sweets you love. For me, it's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups all the way! (my dream come true)

9. Diapers - don't underestimate this one. Stock up on size 1 and only some newborns as your baby might be born too big for them, like mine! A case of wipes will be helpful too.

What other necessities did you find helpful when you arrived home?


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