9/11 & The Mosque That Doesn't Exist

In the past week, maybe longer I have been hearing a lot of chatter on the internet, facebook, news, and in day to day conversations about the so called "Mosque" proposed for "Ground Zero". From facebook status's saying it is disrespectful to those who died on 9/11 because we all know they were only White Christian Americans to the proposed space being a mere 600 feet from Ground Zero.

Before I go off on my rant, I want to point out a couple small but factual points about the proposed project. The project which is proposed for and I say project because it is not a Mosque, a Mosque by definition can only be a place of worship the space at 45 Park Place is not only 5 blocks away from the Ground Zero space, but it is also not slated to be a place of worship. It is scheduled to be a community center including a basketball court, and culinary school. Sounds like a real breeding ground for terrorists right? Martha Stewart look out! But seriously people, the panic and outrage is nothing short of the fight against racism we have been battling for decades.

By saying that a community center, with two floors of a thirteen story building being considered a prayer space is disrespectful to the people who died, their families, and our country is overkill. The sad fact of the matter is, since 9/11 and in recent years, a person of Muslim background, or Middle Eastern decent in our country is more likely to be the victim of an act of terrorism, than us Americans are.

There have been attempted bombings, beatings, threatening, and all of those cute little ignorant treatments we as American's should be ashamed of. All while over 4000 of our own Men and Women in our Armed Forced are being killed to fight for the religious freedoms of these same people.

The same people harassing them, attempting to bomb their real Mosques, and catching them in a dark alley way are the same touting their American pride over this war, which clearly they know little about.

I find it so upsetting that a country that was founded on religious freedom is so quick to persecute those of a different religion or background because of the actions of a small group of extremists.


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