6 Key Principles That'll Take Your Food Photography to the Next Level

When you decide to become a food blogger, there's probably one lesson that you learn far quicker than any other. The better your food photography, the more attention your photos will get, and the more successful your blog becomes. ...more

7 Steps to Writing Recipes Readers Will Love

Do you love to scour magazines, websites and cookbooks for recipes to share with your readers? If so, you’re in good company. It’s how many food bloggers find content for their posts. They also recreate dishes they eat at restaurants, are inspired by ...more

How I Diversified My Blogging Revenue

From 2008 to 2010, I was BlogHer’s Product Director, overseeing the roadmap for development of all online properties, including the ad network. When the company and I parted ways (amicably), I knew I wanted to create a new site with the intent of ...more

Food Bloggers Who Are Doing Linking Right

Every blog post provides an opportunity to make connections, whether those are to other posts on your own site, to posts on other food blogs, or to articles or pages that help explain a particular ingredient or technique. The world of blogs is built ...more

I Have No Guilt Parenting Your Child in Public

It wasn't until I watched her — I never saw her face, but the way her shoulders slouched forward told me she was dejected, and the way her body moved told me she was crying — that I decided I had to step in; I had to say something — for her, for others, and for me. ...more
I have done it more than once. I will not tolerate bullying or bad behavior. My kids learn from ...more

5 Ways to Spread Love on the Internet Right Now

Today is Black Friday, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, and in two days, it's Cyber Monday. Sunday doesn't get its own commercial holiday. I wish retail well and hope the next few days are good to them. But if you want to carry over the warm buzz of Thanksgiving and offer up some good cheer for shoppers to open when they get home from their gift acquiring adventures, I present my own version of Cyber Monday. ...more

How Gloria Steinem Got Me Thinking About White Feminism

This week, I went to see Gloria Steinem “in conversation with” Cheryl Strayed. I put that phrase in quotes because really it was more like Cheryl Strayed davening at the feet of the icon, as many of us feminists tend to do (deservedly so). At eighty-one years old, Steinem was dressed in that perfectly put together uniform of hers that I still love: seventies-chic in all black, form-fitting turtleneck, wide-legged pants with a silver, low-slung Navajo concho belt resting on her hips. ...more

Meeting the Parents This Holiday? Here's What You Need to Know

It's that time of year when families gather together to celebrate holidays with laughter, joy, gift-giving, and amazing food. You and the person you've been dating for the better part of the year (or longer) have agreed to meet each other's families this holiday season. You're not sure what is expected of you, but you're eager to make a great impression.Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your first holiday gathering with your significant other....more
FeministaJones One of my reasons for being single is to avoid meeting the family of the woman ...more

Sometimes We Have to Talk About the Hard Things on Social Media

I've seen it a lot lately. Statements from Facebook friends and Twitter friends about how the world is too divisive and too many negative things are posted. So from now on, they are only going to post happy, uplifting, fun things. I get it. Oh boy, do I get it. There is a lot of heartbreak and sadness in this world. But sometimes, not all the times, but sometimes, don't we need to talk about that bad parts of this world? Don't we need to speak up about things that might seem unspeakable in order to affect change? ...more
Thanks for saying this. I agree 100%. Yes, let us point out the good in the world that should be ...more

How to Stop Sucking at Being a Host or Guest: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is here and for some reason, people choose this time of year to travel and visit... A lot. They bring their partners, kids, dogs, gluten-free/taste-free snacks and about 900 regurgitated political ideas they want to try out on family members they barely know.Image via Shutterstock...more

Giving Thanks for Spanxs

As most of you know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. For those who did not know that, might I suggest a new calendar for Christmas this year? Every year around Thanksgiving I have a hard time deciding on a post. I am passenger #1 on the struggle bus here, folks. Do I post something sweet and meaningful that touches the hearts of the millions few that read this blog? Or do I come up with something short and somewhat slightly and/or entirely hilarious?  ...more
Cute post! Thanks for the giggle first thing this morning! Happy Thanksgiving!more

4 Disappointments I'm Thankful For

During this time of year, we’re always encouraged to take stock of the things we’re thankful for, and the positive blessings we have in our lives, like family, financial stability, children and jobs. But what about showing gratitude for the things in our lives that may be challenges, disappointments and let downs? How do we handle those? ...more
Totally agree.  Except on the 'arguments with spouse' point, sadly, ours are never productive IN ...more

Important facts about electronic cigarettes you should know

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a new product that has launched in the market. These electronic cigarettes have the taste of tobacco in them, however it does not contain any injurious substance that is present in the normal cigarette. Thus, it enables the smokers to satisfy their desire without breathing in the unsafe toxins. This can also help in reducing the risk of causing various diseases due to smoking. Some facts about e-cigarettes you should know...more

I Have No Guilt Parenting Your Child in Public

It wasn't until I watched her — I never saw her face, but the way her shoulders slouched forward told me she was dejected, and the way her body moved told me she was crying — that I decided I had to step in; I had to say something — for her, for others, and for me. ...more
I have done it more than once. I will not tolerate bullying or bad behavior. My kids learn from ...more

Thanksgiving Depression

Depression just hit me the day before Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I was able to come out of it by the evening of Thanksgiving day.   Looking back, I probably started getting depressed in my teens. Certain things might be hard-wired by now. I’ve done cognitive behavioral therapy: to change negative thoughts into positive. But getting treatment this late might mean that it takes more effort to change things. And most of the time, it’s not about if I have negative thoughts or not. I just can’t get myself enthusiastic about anything. I just feel like crying for no reason. ...more

Peppermint Candy Cane Brownies

Hello! It’s Ciara here again from My Fussy Eater...more

Easy Way To Make Foaming Hand Soap Yourself

I have an easy way to make foaming hand soap yourself. I love the way foaming hand soap lathers up so nicely but I hate having to buy the expensive bottles of hand soap for my two bathrooms and the... Latest tips and recipe is up plus a collection of pumpkin inspired recipes perfect for fall ....more

thoughts on gratitude

Yesterday Rodney popped out of bed way too early, again, (it's time to get him a clock just like we did the girls). He immediately told me, "it's Thanksgiving!" and "Can we eat the pies now?"....more

Happy Thanksgiving!

We got back yesterday, from a fun beach trip with my parents and sister. We rented a house down in Galveston and had a blast fishing, collecting sea shells, riding the ferry and enjoying good food and company. We had such a great time! ...more

Greek-Style Turkey Burgers with Yogurt Sauce

Society these days puts so much emphasis on “doing” that when I’m asked what I do with my free time, I feel pressured to say something socially acceptable like saving mankind, a new job, climb Mt. Everest, charity, school, etc — when I really want to say “Dude, I like to chill and do absolutely nothing!”But I never do. Sadly, the paradox of lazy days is that they end up stressing me out because of the things I’m not doing ....more

#flipthescript 6: Adoptee Rights Begin at Birth

During November, I’m turning this space over on occasion to adoptees who are flipping the script. Some of what you read in this series may be tough to take in, but I think the more we can listen to others’ viewpoints, the better we can understand the countless facets of adoption (and humanity for that … Continue reading #flipthescript 6: Adoptee Rights Begin at Birth → The post #flipthescript 6: Adoptee Rights Begin at Birth appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more