AbbeyPost Made to Measure Launch Party

A few weeks ago, the AbbeyPost team was excited to host a Launch Party at our NYC headquarters. The concept was to celebrate the launch of the AbbeyPost Made to Measure brand, as well as connect with some local plus size fashionistas to mix, mingle and get a look at our dresses in person.




Every party needs great food and drinks, and this one was no exception - champagne and mini-cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. But what really makes a party is good company - and we had plenty of that!


At one point, we all sat down for a chat about clothes. Founder Cynthia Schames called it an impromptu focus group, but in a lot of ways it was a friendly gripe session. Clothes shopping is so much more of a hassle than it should be - nothing fits properly, it's poorly made, and some companies only carry plus size clothing online if they carry it at all. Sometimes you just need to talk about it with people who understand.

What's even more fun than commiserating over a problem? Having a solution. For all the grievances aired that night, there was an answer!

You don't have those problems with AbbeyPost Made to Measure dresses. That's how we planned it. Our dresses fit, and we'll never run out of your size. And they're made in the US - which means more jobs in America and less environmental impact than clothes that have to be shipped from the other side of the planet.


We laughed about how men have no idea how hard it is to find women's clothes that fit. When a man shops for a pair of pants, he doesn't even have to try them on. He just looks at the waist and inseam measurements and he knows they'll fit. But women's bodies and clothing don't work that way. (That doesn't mean that shopping for women's clothes has to be as difficult, frustrating and time consuming as it is, but we'll never be able to buy our clothes based on only one or two measurements.)

One guest mentioned the weird poses some plus sized models sometimes do. They're usually meant to make a shapeless dress look like it has waist shaping. Which then makes shopping online harder because you can't tell what the clothes really look like from the pictures. It's such an industry standard thing to do that Cynthia had to stop the models from doing those poses during our own photo shoot. Our dresses don't need awkward model poses to make them look good!

Our model Jewels jumps for joy!
Our model Jewels jumps for joy!

Getting together with other plus size fashionistas can also be super informative. One guest mentioned that she has trouble finding shoes that fit her, and one of the stylists in attendance suggested having shoes custom made. It had never occurred to most of us that this was a possibility, let alone an affordable one, but it is.

shoes of prey

We might not all think of ourselves as fashionistas, but we do all need to buy clothes. If there's anything you can learn from our launch party, it's that you should seek out other people who care about clothing and fashion so you can share info, sympathize with each other's problems and find out about the best sources for plus size clothes.

And if you get to see some pretty dresses in person, and meet some cool new friends, while drinking wine--all the better!



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