abnormal summer hater

I hate the summer with a fiery passion. In the part of the country we live in it's so humid during the duration of the summer that you are always covered in liquid if you go outside for more than five minutes. We also have ants that will bite hardcode and grass stickers that stick to your shoe like glue.  When you attempt to remove them, they fall apart and stick in your finger like splinters. We live in the middle of nowhere and don't have concrete to park our cars on. If I consume anything sweet in my car during the summer, then I get an ant party in my car.  All I want to do the whole summer want is hibernate in my house.  For some reason almost all my friends decided to get married in the summer. Really friends?  I  don't like having to disturb my hibernation to go to a wedding. Sorry.  That's just the way i feel.  What started my anti-summer rant?  Well today i discovered the first harbinger of summer. In other words an ant.  It's stressing me out just thinking about the summer.