About Hungry Heartbreak

I am thrilled to be a part of BlogHer and share my new website and resources.

Ever notice that the word “heal” is in “healthy”?  “Hungry Heartbreak” is HEALing your heartbreak by feeding your mind, body and soul with fresh ingredients, the healthy way. It is the premier online resource for women to reclaim your life after heartbreak. No ice cream binging, no sappy movie watching while munching on a bag of chips, no isolating yourself, and no blaming yourself  or trying to change who you are for someone that does not deserve you.

“Hungry Heartbreak”  provides resources and links to websites with helpful book suggestions, support groups, healthy recipes, and fitness encouragement.  ‘There are  inspirational and positive quotes, and help with building self image and self esteem, as well as sleeping tips and stress management tools. There are suggestions for meditation and spiritual growth, and how to “pay it forward”.

HEALthy Eating, HEALthy Life, HEALthy You! If you nourish your mind, body and soul the healthy way, you and your heart will mend. You will feel beautiful, look beautiful and truly be beautiful. You have an opportunity to start fresh, be healthier, happier and stronger than ever before. Let me and “Hungry Heartbreak” help you reclaim your life! Honor and respect yourself to do the work and you’ll be more confident inside and out and ready for the next chapter in your life. Please see my website www.hungryheartbreak.com

Cheers to a fresh start with fresh ingredients! 


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