About ME!

I suppose my first post should be explaining who I am. 

I'm married for the second time and just celebrated my 15th anniversary.  My 'childhood' marriage only lasted a few years, but gave me some fun times, great military travel, and a beautiful daughter!  I'm 44 years old and the mother of three now:  BK, girl, is 23 years, JT, boy, 13 years, and KA, girl, 10 years. 

I've been a PTA mom on each school my kids have attended for the past 18 years.   I've been class mom for each of my younger kids every year of elementary school.  I was a Girl Scout myself,  a GS leader for BK, and am now a GS leader for KA, volunteer on the local, district, and counsel level of Girl Scouting.  My son is in Boy Scouts.  I'm a Troop Committee Member and a Merit Badge Counselor.  I was JT's Cub Scout Leader for 5 1/2 years, the Pack Committee Chair, and now train Cub Scout Leaders.  I'm a member of a national woman's community service sorority, Sigma Phi Gamma and a local group, The Baldwin Boys Association. 

I have been a child care provider in my home for 20 years now.  I started way back when BK was 2 and my husband decided he wanted to date... me and other women!  (that's another blog!)  I went from being a military wife/stay at home mom to soley looking for work and child care for my then 18 month old daughter.  I found a good job and thought I found good child care.  I was lucky that I worked for a family run business that was sympathetic and understanding when I had to take off work because those 'reliable' care givers failed to provide safe and loving care to my daughter.  After going through 4 in home, centers, and educational child care facilities, I decided to quit work and start my own in-home child care.  It was a lot of work, but my daughter got the kind of care I needed her to have and I got to earn a decent wage while staying home working with kids.  Along comes my hubby and two more kids.  My kids are old enough now, but I still love my job and will do it as long as I can.

My educations is limited since I dropped out of the University of AZ to get married the first time.  I received many credits as I earned my child care certifications in early childhood education, nutrition, special needs, infant care, school age care, and the business courses I took approximately every 6 months for many years.  I was lucky enough to return to school later in life for my Deaf Studies degree.  I loved all the communications classes and especially the American Sign Language courses.  After earning a 4.0 over 3 years, I would love to become an advocate for children and parents who require ASL services.   

Personal stuff~~I love Scouting.  If you're able to get into the right Troop, there is no better well-rounded experience for your children.  I love to read and do puzzles.  I love Facebook and Farmville!!  I yard sale constantly and plan on opening a resale business in the future.  I browse sale ads and really enjoy using coupons and getting a great deal.  I'm a member of BzzAgent~~feel free to contact me if you'd like to sign up to receive free and preview new products, get loads of coupons, and give your opinion on how to change products. 

There's so much more, I'm sure~~and time in later posts!

Thanks for reading!




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