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It's awkward for the general populace to mention the word “vagina.” The mere mention startles those within hearing distance unlike “penis” which most of us don't have a problem with.

 "I mean, you can say 'penis” without effect. The word vagina is not openly talked about much less shown to other people.

 Is vagina still a forbidden word even here in the US? Don’t get me wrong I'm not talking about the vagina per se. I'm talking about the doctor’s visit.

I don’t know with the others but for me even in my age it's still a tall order to visit the obstetrician. I was reminded about my difficulty after reading a Facebook post from a friend mentioning her visit at the doctor's offie and exposing herself to the doctor for examination.

Reading between the lines I can tell she doesn't love doing it but she has no choice. I don't want to talk about the sexual aspects because I don't want to be in trouble.

Taken from Wikipedia

 Photo taken from Wikipedia

Remember the movie The Back-up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin, where the doctor played by Robert Klein examining her vagina in the presence of the husband”

 The doctor mentioned about her husband being uncomfortable about hearing the word vagina and to make him feel at ease, he repeatedly mentioned vagina.

 Believe me even at my age I am still shy when I visit my doctor to undergo examination. Call it vagina-shy.

As you can see at the doctor’s office I am given a white gown and told to remove the underwear. Even if it is a female doctor’s assistant it is still uncomfortable to undress and undergo examination. The cool air isn't a comfort either.

The waiting is also an agony if the doctor came late and you are undressed already.


Then when the doctor arrives and the preliminaries are dispensed with, you are asked to lay down and he or she is facing your vagina. Again, I don’t know with the others but for me I wanted the checkup done immediately.

So many reasons I can think of why I am conscious with the visit: the smell, the face, texture, hair, and all.

 Do you know that as we grow older the vagina changes appearance in its size and especially its width. I can tell because now I have to look at the diameter of the underwear which is also wide.

Of course the smell is always there so I want to check myself right after I cleaned myself. As the body changes I guess the vagina also changes.

In the Philippines at least my last obstetrician is a friend, Dr. Caroline Orimaco, and we just laugh about it and I don’t care if she has seen it.

Not easy 

You see it isn't easy to be a woman. It would be easy to see that doctors don’t mind seeing vaginas anymore because in their life time they have seen so many vaginas and they don’t remember a specific vagina for one patient.

Excuse me I think they still do.

Last month was women’s month so there were many concerns raised about being a woman but among the most timely and personal issues is the health of a woman's vagina.

Since health is very important, a lot of us women have to expose ourselves to the “prying eyes” of the doctor which I call that vagina-probe. Pardon me, I'm just speaking out my crazy mind.

 But there comes a time when one forgets about being shy and sensitive because one's health is important. When I came here in the US five years ago the first month was spent undergoing medical examinations for pneumonia, polio, tetanus, HIV, flu and yes, the vagina.

Undergoing a vagina examination made me conscious. But there was a time when I felt something was wrong with me and I had to undergo a vagina examination and any thoughts of embarassment flew out of the window because I am concerned about my health.

 We women undergo pap smear, pregnancy tests, before and after delivery and all kinds of examinations on our vaginas. Rather than be embarrassed, we should be proud of our vaginas.

 By the way, I recommend reading 'The Vagina Wears Diamonds' on the Open website. Also, 'Siddharth's Inner Voice', though it isn't available online.

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