Abroad: Hot Weather Dressing

AdidasI asked my Italian family for advice on what to wear in Italy when it's going to be upwards of 90 degrees there in July. I got back an awesome, funny, helpful list of suggestions:

  • Shorts are out, most women here won't wear shorts; capris are ok, or just above the knee.
  • Shirts, anything goes: t-shirts, tank tops, whatever is good.
  • A HUGE no-no is socks with sandals (obviously); sandals, flip flops, or even sporty shoes (not necessarily sneakers, but not dressy ones, like, the white adidas) are good.
  • Stuff like Keens are obviously recognizable as being foreign (to me in particular they scream NORTHWEST!! but in general they do look very touristy).
  • Skirts are good.
  • Absolutely no baseball caps, but I can't think of any hat that won't look touristy. Note: Unfortunately, if you're a tourist you might be more likely to be out and about all day so you'd need some protection from your head.
  • No backpacks.
  • Definitely big purses (they're IN).
  • Short socks, not high.
  • Don’t tie your sweatshirt around your waist because it looks touristy.
  • Also a normal bra, not sports bra with tank tops (y'know the kind of tank top that kinda does a cross at the back, that's super touristy).


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