absolute nonsense.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the typical posting and mix it up some. A couple of thoughts from today:

I LOVE that McDonald’s sells yummy parfaits (more like a desert) for only $1. $1! And I don’t feel terrible after having one! In fact, I want another one!

The $8 in my checking account thanks me.

Rittenhouse women scare me. These are Rittenhouse women:


photo by danak223

For those of you not acquainted with the fair city of Philadelphia, the Rittenhouse neighborhood is where old single rich women go to spend their remaining years in style. Alone. With HUGE fur coats and fancy purses. And sometimes little dogs. I also happen to live and work in this neighborhood, although I’m far from rich (just lucky). While my boyfriend insists that I will never be a Rittenhouse woman, I still scream EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! in my head every time I pass by one (which is about 5 times a day.)

Today is the coldest day this winter yet. This may not be an actual fact, but according to my very pink nose, I’d say it is. I’m trying to be grateful and think of Kyla Bea up in Can-a-dia in her -50 degree tundra. Eff that!

Things to do tonight:
1. Play on wii fit for 30 minutes - followed by 30 minutes of Mario Kart.
2. Finish binding softcover notebooks.
3. Fold/sew signatures for new hardcover book.
4. Wash dishes.

Don’t you wish you were me today?!


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