AC253 (diabetes drug) appears to restore memory in people with Alzheimer's

I've mentioned before that my grandfather died of Alzheimer's (yes, that's what was actually on his death certificate) and although this isn't a cure, it's nice to know that there's a glimmer of hope for people who suffered like my grandfather (and our family) when he lost his memory.

A diabetes drug called AC253 - which never made it to market - was found to restore memory in animal brain cells. It works by blocking the effects of amyloid protein, which exists in high volumes in Alzheimer's patients - in the part of the brain that controls memory and cognition.

It's not a perfect drug - yet. There's the issue of getting AC253 to easily cross the blood-brain barrier. And the question of when to give the drug to someone (When they start to show symptoms? Or is that too late?)

In the meantime, the best way to slow the progression of Alzheimer's is:

1. proper nutrition

2. regular exercise

3. cognitive skills training 

Here's the piece I read:


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