Acceptance is so important to letting go of the Blame game and moving forward to joy and happiness!

Did you ever stop and think that whenever something does not go the way we planed, turn out to our liking, we feel the need to assign blame.  We blame ourselves or others, it really doesn't matter who we blame since we feel the need to rationalize why something happened not the way we planed.  We have an innate need to explain situations that we don't like away with attaching blame. I like to call it the blame game, that by putting blame squarely on the correct person or persons, it make the situation more to our liking.  I see drama written all over this scenario.  Yes, I guess initially it make us feel better, but does it make a difference in the situation or more precisely doesn't it just allow us to repeat the situation over and over with the same outcome!  Once you assign blame than your role is done.  Instead of wasting time finding out "who or what is to blame"? Ask what could I have done differently to receive the outcome that I desired.  By asking that question you set in motion actions that will lead to uncovering what needed to be done to get the results you wanted and very importantly you understand how you can institute the necessary steps to change your results.  Yes and very importantly without all the drama and negativity that is associated with the blame game!


Acceptance is so important to letting go of the blame game.  Guess what, something things just happen because they do!  It just is!  Let go and just move on without looking back.  Don't hold on to judgement, negativity, blame, and attachment.  Let go, it feel so good while freeing all your joy and creativity to fill your life, to release your true being.  


A classic example of not embracing acceptance is my friend Michelle.  Michelle's job hasn't been working for her the last five or more years.  She is in a job that she used to like.  For many years her industry has been changing, not keeping up with the current work environment, which now make the job very unrewarding for Michelle.  She has been downsized four times in as many few years always finding a job before she is out of work.  With each new position Michelle starts off with big dreams that this job is going to bring her the success that she had experienced in the past.  Each position,  after the first rush of excitement for  a new start, a new beginning, follows the same path as the previous jobs leading Michele to feel very unfulfilled.  Each time this has happened to her, Michelle blames herself or the company for the situation.  That doesn't stop Michelle from continuing to stay in the same profession hoping that her next position will turn out to be like her old jobs that she loved when she first started in her field twenty years ago.  By playing the blame game, Michele doesn't accept that neither she nor her company is to blame.  This is just the way her industry is at the present.  If she can embrace acceptance of that then she can decide what she needs to do to change her situation.  Change is not always the route that we want to take but to make your situation turn out differently embracing change is the way to go.   My friend Michele did realize that she needed to institute change so that she would not be repeating the same job path over and over.  She let go of blame so she could face her situation clearly knowing that the only way she could bring about a different outcome was to stop doing the same thing in the same situation over and over! Instead of continuing the blame game she start on the search for a new career path while letting go of all the negativity that she harbored with doing her old job.  She is much happier, filled with joy as she explores her new options for changing her career path.  And an added benefit she is happier in her present position since she is not longer blaming anyone or anything for the changes to her industry.  She let go of all that was holding her back. Her happiness is radiating to all the new careers paths that she is pursuing for her future!


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