Accessories can make or break an outfit

   There are times when we feel we have nothing to wear in our jammed closets. I know I feel that way every so often, especially as the seasons or changing or big events such as the holidays are approaching. 
   However, if your wardrobe is stockpiled full of all your basic necessities than there is no need to go out an buy a new outfit for an event. 
   Some of my "Fantastic Seven" basics are, a blazer, cardigan, jeans, tank tops, a little black dress, a neutral-colored sweater, or cotton-T/button up. These staples will be the super heroes of your wardrobe. When your wardrobe is in a rut it's time to buy accessories to make your outfits more exciting says, ShopRuche.

"For an instantly polished look, match your accessories to bring any outfit together. Purchase a set to wear together, and mix and match them with other accessories later!"

Here is a collaboration of hot and trendy accessories that can be paired with any basic to give it a unique and polished touch, just in time for all those holiday parties.

Alluring Red Acessories

Pink o' clock

emerald city green

Merry and Bright

Click on, to see their amazing finds for your accessories this year. 
They even have them by color for easy shopping or gift giving.