An Account of His Day

For the last two months a secret pleasure of mine has been the time from when I pick up my four-year-old son from kindergarten to the time we get home. We live close to the school, and he attends kindergarten for half the day. A few minutes before his release time I pack up the baby, strap him into the stroller and walk to my son's school. The kids are all released and after a stream of goodbye's to all the other students I get to hold my son's hand and walk home with him. It is during these ten minutes that I have experienced some of my favorite moments as a mother.

Usually the conversation goes a little like this:

Me: What did you do at school today?

Him: I played in the green centre and painted pictures. David (no real names used) wanted to share my snack, but I told him 'no' because we are not supposed to share food.

Me: That was the right thing to do.

Him: David told all the rest of the kids not to be my friend because I wouldn't share. So I said I wouldn't be his friend either.

Me: Are you sure that he said that?

Him: Yes. But then he saved me my favorite book to take home, so I told him we were friends again.

Every day is another story; another friendship gained or lost. There seems to be more drama in his kindergarten class than on Young and the Restless these days. But today there was no conversation. Instead, it was a one sided account of his day that lasted from the moment I picked him up to the moment we walked through the front door. He spoke the entire time. The account of his day was mixed with a rendition of the song they learned that morning. He did not pause once to ask me anything, but was speaking a mile a minute about his day. It was adorable and had me smiling the whole way home. Every now and then I would nod my head so he knew I was still keeping up with the story.

I could see for my son that the simple pleasure of having mom all to himself and listening to his story had made his day. Little does he know that his little hand wrapped in mine and the account of his day, every day, makes memories I will treasure forever.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What was your favorite moment shared with someone special today?

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