Educational Accountability for Our Children Includes You

“No homework tonight Mom! I don’t remember what we did in class today. Can I play my video game? I don’t know when I’ll get my report card.” Does this sound familiar?  I know you are shaking your head as you say “yes”.

In order to effectively educate your child as full-time working parents, you need an educational consultant. This person will advocate 100% for your child and perform daily tasks such as attend parent-teacher conferences and monitor grades. Can't afford one? Well, you are just like so many other parents, but it doesn't mean that your personal efforts are meaningless. The bottom line is...educational accountability doesn't just refer to the actions of immediate school stakeholders, it includes you too. So, do your part despite the difficulty. Good news, I'm here to help!

Accountability Task #1: Homework Completion

Homework is disseminated almost every night for students. These assignments are extensions of the skills and concepts that are taught in class. It is the expectation that these assignments are completed in a timely and accurate manner. Many children use a combination of learning styles and tend to retain processes and/or content through repetitive practices. With that said, it is imperative that your child follows through with completion in order to increase the ability to link information taught the following day.

How do you confirm your child’s interest and commitment to tackling this responsibility on a daily basis? Contact your child’s educators and inquire as to whether the assignments are posted on external sites such as for monitoring purposes. If so, keep track of home assignments through the use of this site and ask your child to physically see the finished assignment in its entirety. Use daily communication tools such as school assigned agenda books, emails or phone calls to inquire as to whether assignments were submitted timely. My preference is to use emails. A simple message such as, “Good afternoon Ms. Johnson, did Chandler submit her math page 9 (1-10) Fractions assignment?” is sufficient. You must demand a response if the educator’s follow-through is not consistent. In addition, many school districts have transitioned to the use of online grading systems. Parents are able to track their child’s grades by simply logging into the grading system with a code. Educators are mandated to submit weekly scores per subject area. As soon as you see a questionable score, you can make inquiries as opposed to waiting to the mid to end of a quarter when it is too late.

Parents, monitor homework consistently so that you can diminish misconceptions made when your child completes it. At the same time, you are strengthening your child's awareness of your high level of school involvement and validating the strong connection between the home and school environments. Make time or find an alternate source of support. You will be able to confirm improvements in your child's academic performance as a result.

Carmen L. Bell

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