Acknowledge, Give Love, March on

Acknowledge, Give Love, March on

We all make mistakes in life.  The goal is to learn from them and move on. The issue is we sometimes dwell in the mistake and it drowns us, stops us from learning.  I lost an infomercial deal many years ago. I was not the best business person back then.  If I was it would have been much better and maybe turned out differently who knows.  What I can tell you is that I learned from the mistake, moved on and now I consider myself a pretty good business person.  

There were times as a parent I made mistakes.  I had to apologize to my children when I did make a mistake with them.  It teaches your child you can be wrong and move forward.  It also teaches them about forgiveness

When you make a mistake with another acknowledge the mistake, stop trying to defend yourself, and then let it go.  That person is either going to forgive you or not.  Then it becomes there issue if they do not.  So much of our life we are wishing someone will “like” us again or “respect” us again after we have made a mistake.  Respect yourself and do the right thing, end of story  Your job is to acknowledge the mistake and to create a space of truth, that is it.

Oh by the way, I just made a mistake; I cleaned it up and apologized and marched forward, always learning

Give love as much as you can to anyone and everyone and that means to yourself as well.  


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