Acorn Crafts Two Ways

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Sometimes a walk in nature is all you need to get inspired.  Whether you are a painter, interior designer or pre-school teacher there is always something in nature to inspire you.  Everyday when I take my kids to the park down the street I look at the acorns, fall leaves and ball moss.  Everyday as I push them on the swing I think about how I could incorporate these items into my home décor or a craft project for the kids.  Thanks to My Creative Days and Southern Hospitality I may have just figured out a way to do both.

Metallic spray paint gives everything instant oomph, including acorns.  These metallic nuts from Southern Hospitality would look great in a bowl, glued to a wreath or even as jewelry.  The possibility of metallic nuts is endless.  Can't wait to gather and gild a few of my own.

If I’m crafting chances are my kids are nipping at my heels to join in the fun.  My Creative Days has an adorable project for kids using furry acorn caps.  All you need are some pom poms and craft glue.  Acorn caps and pom poms come in all kinds of sizes.  Let the kids join in the fall crafting fun by whipping up a batch.


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