The Acropolis - #TeamGargoyle

There are not enough books in the world about gargoyles. There just aren't. So I am extra thankful that R.K. Ryals picked up her pen and has begun a new series about Conor the guardian gargoyle bff of Dayton and Monroe, from her Redemption series.

I've written here, here, and here about the self-published Redemption series and as much as I enjoyed that one, The Acropolis is about 100x better.

The writing is better. The edit is better. The storyline is better. The characters, hello -- gargoyles!, are better. The demons are better.

The Acropolis is not a sequel or a prequel to Redemption, it picks up in the heat of the Redemption action -- while Datyon and Marcas are dealing with hell (for reals), Conor is off on a mission to escort a hybrid demon named Emma to the Acropolis, (a school/prison for demon hybrids.) He's had a demotion, because he "let" Dayton go off with demons when he was supposed to be her guardian. Emma does not know she's a demon, she's spent her whole life moving from doctor to doctor because she thought she was dying. Turns out, all of those weird symptoms were related to her being the daughter of a very powerful, and ancient, demon.

Conor pretty much takes one look at Emma and feels a connection -- he also begins to really grasp the idea that not all demons are evil and that the lines that were so clear before, are maybe a little fuzzy. (Funny how that happens, isn't it?)

Besides Conor, his mom, his cousin and Luther, we do see a few characters re-appear from the Redemption series -- but most of that happens at the end, where there are some big surprises in store.

Because of the cross-over characters, I do recommend you read the Redemption series BUT this is still a good book, if you haven't read Redemption. I suspect it will be more important to read Redemption in later books -- because there are going to be some big changes in the demon/hybrid/angel/gargoyle world. I can hardly wait to see what happens.

#TeamGargoyle FTW!

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