The Act of Being Grateful

I feel like during the wedding planning process, I often focus on the superficial aspects of wedding planning, like flowers and paper products and favors and pretty accessories, and maybe that poorly reflects all of the monumental emotions and experiences that are actually at the root of getting married.  I could make a huge and boring list of what all these things are, but the one emotion that has really hit me hard is how incredibly grateful I have felt over the past year.  Have you ever had a day in your life when something really awesome has happened and you just feel so crazy-grateful to someone or something that you think you are going to explode?  That has been my biggest emotion, over and over for the past twelve months.
I’m grateful for everyone who wishes us well and gets excited to come to our wedding.
I’m grateful to all the people who traveled from so far for our engagement party (and for the people down the street who went to so much trouble to make it special for us).
I’m grateful to our parents who listen to all this wedding nonsense and still get excited, who drive back and forth for us whenever we ask, and let me use their house as a wedding storage facility.
I’m grateful that we can actually have the wedding that we want, because not everyone has the resources or the support system that we have.
I’m grateful for all the people who are in our wedding, because let’s face it, weddings are fun, but they are also work and obligation.  And I’m grateful that you all are willing to work so much for one day of our lives.
I’m grateful to the people who have given us guidance and advice, because it has all be really helpful.
I’m grateful to Nick for being so patient and open, because I’m not always easy to deal with, and he still seems to like me.
I’m grateful that my best friend cried when she heard we got engaged (because I’m grateful that we have friends who care so much for us).
I’m grateful for the people who actually read this blog.  And I’m grateful that it has brought me back to how much I love to write.
I’m grateful that this whole wedding thing is actually happening, because I really love Nick.  And that is awesome.
I guess these feeling are so overwhelming for me because when this wedding is all said and done, I have no idea how I can express to these people how incredibly grateful I am for all of this.  At the end of every class, my yoga teacher has us all put our heads on the ground and thank the universe for placing us where we are at that very moment.  And sometimes during an ordinary day when all these wedding things are happening, I want to do the same thing – put my head down and say thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you for all of this.  And this has been one of the greatest parts of wedding planning.


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