Acting Summer Camp - Spaces Available

Top 5 Reasons to Get Kids into Acting Classes

1 It teaches children to work cohesively in a group,

2 Performing helps build confidence and self esteem,

3 Great for making new friends and learning new skills - memorization can enhance study skills for school,

4 Terrific way to explore and express human emotion in a healthy way,

5 The right school, run by professionals in their field, can teach acting skills that could lead to a bright and exciting hobby or career in the theatre!

A Class Act - Acting for Young People and Adults, Inc. (AFYP) strives to bring a high level of quality acting instruction to aspiring performers in the northern Virginia area. The company, which began in 1997, is operated by a team of highly educated and talented individuals with prominent credentials and an immense amount of experience areas including stage, television and movie acting, directing, choreography, stage managing, playwrighting, voice technique and teaching.

Their summer camps and fall and winter classes, which are partly sponsored by the City of Fairfax, are of such superior quality that they’ve gained regional acclaim as "Best Children’s Theatre/Education". AFYP is dedicated to ensuring that their students enjoy themselves, feel a sense of pride and self-confidence and truly walk away from their experiences with AFYP with positive, life-affirming skills and abilities that they can use successfully both on and off the stage.

For more information about AFYP and class schedules, fees and details please contact the school’s founder and director, Mary Lechter at 703-307-5332 or or by simply visiting the school’s web site at

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