Adam Rabbit Collection 2012

   Adam Rabbit's Handmade collection is both charming and unique. Perfect for both men and women. Her collection is outstanding. I held an interview with the creator of Adam Rabbit, Ashley, to get to know her, and her personal style a little bit better.

"Adam Rabbit is a collection of uniquely handmade accessories for men and women that include bow ties, infinity scarves, raw crystal jewelry, geometric jewelry, and jewelry made from wood."

Her street credit includes,

BWO: Your name? 
AR: Ashley 

BWO: Where did you go to school and what were your studies?
AR: I went to college at Arizona State University which was only a 10 minute drive from where I grew up. After my first year teaching I began taking Master's classes online. 

BWO: What are your career goals? 
AR: As far as teaching, I would like to teach special ed for as long as I can. I know the burnout rate is high, and I never want to be that bitter teacher. I think I will eventually move into a parent advocate position, helping parents understand their rights. My goal for Adam Rabbit is to one day open a boutique. 

BWO: How'd you get your shops name? 
AR: Adam is my favorite male name, and also the name of my black cat. I had a stuffed animal rabbit growing up and have always loved rabbits. I lost my rabbit at the beach when I was 7. My aunt wrote me a letter from "him" that said he surfed off to Hawaii with a girl bunny that he fell in love with. I believed this until I was about 12, when my mom explained to me that Lake Michigan and Hawaii are not connected...oh and stuffed animals aren't real. 

BWO: When did it start?

AR:  I have been making things for as long as I remember. About 2 years ago I started really focusing on dresses, which eventually morphed into jewelry. 

BWO: What kind of items do you create?
AR: I create modern jewelry that is inspired by simplicity while still making a statement. 

BWO: What's your favorite item you created?
AR: I love my Pyrite earrings, I wear some almost every day. I also like to wear multiply crystal rings at once. 

BWO: Your favorite brands/stores?
AR: I find most of my favorite pieces at second hand stores in Phoenix. I love small boutiques and weird discount stores. The last items I purchased were a huge two finger scissor ring and a pair of boots from a store near my house that doesn't even have a name, just a picture of a shoe on the outside! 

Your favorite things to wear?
AR: I go in phases. My favorite winter clothes are tight black pants, scarves, leather jackets, wedge ankle boots, unique tights, strange hats, and of course jewelry. 

   I loved Browsing the Adam Rabbit Collection, and getting to know Ashley. Visit the Adam Rabbit Shop to get a little bit of her collection in your closet. Her unique and timeless pieces will brighten up any outfit.

   Feeling inspired by Ashley's sense of style? She's definitely a BackwardsOwl fashionista and I'm so excited about her line of accessories. Here is a style board I created to get you inspired about her sense of fashion and maybe try on some of her favorites for yourself. 

Adam rabbit fashion

Adam rabbit fashion by sydneymalain featuring a knit shawl

Thank you Ashley for your time,



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