The house felt empty. It was just too silent.  Usually Adanna would hear the sump pump kick on or the water heater revving up. The toilet wasn’t dripping out its constant leakage of water and the house felt strange. Silent.

            She sat her purse down on the living room couch and tossed her house keys on the cocktail table.  She looked back out the front door to see her father hobbling with his cane up the walk way.  His face seemed even more tired today as it had any other day.  The pain in his leg had kept him up most of the night along with the loud strange thunder storm that at times shock the house.

“Need any help?” Adanna yelled out through the screen door. The gentle wave of his free hand let her know he had no intentions of letting her trying to play mother to him. She stepped into to the small bathroom and washed her hands. The squeaky sound of the screen door opening and the heavy wooden door closing let her mind relax with the knowledge of her father’s pain was not to sever.

“What do you want for dinner?” she waited for a reply but only got a loud moan and the sound of her father flopping down into his recliner.  Exiting out of the bathroom, she walked straight into the kitchen.

“It won’t take long for some chicken to be ready.  That is if I used the pre bread chicken.” She looked in his direction. Nothing.

“We could have broccoli and chesses with corn?”


Adanna opened up the refrigerator to see what they actually had inside to eat.  Her mind raced to think of what she could make for dinner.

“I thought you and the girls were going out after church?” He finally spoke.

Adanna turned around to see her father standing by the kitchen table. 

Releasing a soft sigh, Adanna smiled. “They had other plans that I just didn’t want to do.” She lied.

How could she tell him that the other girls, she called her friends, were mad at her for not buying the dress.  Jill, Brenda and Shadoni were her friends at church.  Since neither of the girls attended Adanna’s school, the only time they could plan to do girly stuff like dress alike, have sleep over and hand out at the feed store with the other farmer’s daughters, was at church. 

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